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internet monitor, web filtering, site blocking, email monitoring, internet filtering

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call logging ,call management software, call logging software, call billing software, call accounting software Telestat 6   
call logging, call management, call billing,call accounting software  


Latest News - Telestat 6 call logging software upgrade released

Telestat runs as a service, can auto email reports and includes many other improvements...

Running as a service now allows users of the Telestat software to log off inactive sessions improving account administration.  A new built in email client allows reports to be sent either manually or as part of the system's    

automated reporting function.   Data logging from IP connections is now integrated into the system giving an improved user interface.  The graph module has been improved too - multi-screens are now available!

call logging ,call management software, call logging software

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We understand that not everyone's software budget is the same - it therefore makes sense to charge less if you need to log fewer extensions than a multi-national organisation! Prices for Telestat Lite start at just 245!

Together with our price promise (we'll beat any other genuine call logger, internet/email monitor quotation by 10%) we can guarantee that our systems are the best value available today. You'll also find that on our website we're happy to publish our system prices - so that there aren't any nasty hidden extras!

If your PC has internet access and you have a data cable or IP connectivity, let us install Telestat for you - see

Email us today and start a free trial with your own telephone system data!


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